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I am Type-A and high maintenance. The first comes out mainly at work. The second in relationships with men. But I like to be cuddled, not coddled. I have chronic wanderlust. My first attempt to run away from home and explore the world was at the age of four, and the thought of becoming a vagabond or a gypsy someday still intrigues me. I love anything new, different, or adventurous, but I am not too fond of unnecessary danger. Or violence. Or gore. I have a stupid sense of humor and like to laugh at myself - and you. I tend to get really passionate about things I believe in, but love it when people disagree with me. I also have a tendency to start a million ambitious projects and not complete a one... unless it is something competitive, and I'll totally kick your ass. The most important people in the world to me are my sisters, my brother, and my girlfriends. I am usually too shy to ask you personal questions - so if you want me to know something about you, you’re just going to have to tell me. I like dramatic weather and opinionated people - both for very similar reasons. If I argue with you it means I like you.


I like: (1) To Read (2) To Write Bad Poetry (3) Walks - Around Town, On The Beach, etc. (4) Meeting New People (5) Dreaming About Traveling I Don't Like (1) Mayonnaise (2) Mean People (3) Slimy Floors, Doorhandles, or Men. (4) Family Functions (Well, At Least With Mine) (5) Loud TV's